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Celebrate Summer With Your Own Frozen Custard Social!

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article_recipesPlanning_cookingEntertaining_partyEventPlanning_hostIceCreamSocial_051012Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one last hurrah before fall hits! Why not enjoy the last of the summer heat with a great frozen custard social?! All you need is a location, some decorations, your friends, and, of course, some delicious frozen custard!

Find out how you can host the most exciting and tastiest frozen custard social below!

Invitations – Let your friends know all about your fun get-together by sending out fun invitations! You can purchase fun invitations that have frozen desserts or playful colors featured on the front, or you can even make your own by printing out a fun pattern onto cardstock. Be sure to send them off with enough time for your friends to mark their calendars to come over!

Decorations – Don’t forget about the decorations! Bunch some brown, white, and pink balloons together to make it look like different flavors of frozen custard put together. You can tie them down to backs of chairs or place non-helium balloons together in a large white tub to make it look like a giant bowl of frozen custard! Make a sign welcoming your guests to your “frozen custard parlor,” and play some old-fashioned ice cream parlor music to get your guests in the right, nostalgic mood when they arrive!

Menu – Now for the most important part of the party – the menu! Be sure to stop by Annie’s Frozen Custard to grab all of the flavors you could possibly need! We regularly have vanilla, sugar free vanilla, 98% fat free vanilla, chocolate, and butter pecan, and you can even find lemon, brownie batter, cake batter, cheesecake, mint chip, raspberry, strawberry, white chocolate, and French vanilla in our stocks, too!

Now try constructing a fun frozen custard menu on a simple chalkboard. Use lots of fun colors to tell your guests what kind of frozen custard you’ll be serving that day. You can even create a sundae bar filled with great toppings like sprinkles, nuts, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, caramel sauce, cherries, bananas, and candy pieces for your friends to sprinkle or douse their frozen custard concoctions with!

Oh, and if frozen custard isn’t enough for you, don’t forget our yummy frozen custard cakes and pies!

Activities – Sure, savoring delicious frozen custard is great, but you should try to think of a few activities for you and your friends to do. Try playing a version of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” by making your blindfolded guests “pin” a cherry on a sundae. Blindfold your friends and make them guess the flavor of frozen custard they’re eating. Better yet, why not have a frozen custard eating contest?! The winner gets to take home a pint of frozen custard with him or her!

Ready to celebrate the end of summer with your very own frozen custard social? Then come by Annie’s Frozen Custard in either Edwardsville or Glen Carbon and get started today! Visit us online at to see what we have available to you! Deliciousness and good times start here!


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